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ICFA 2021 Cohort Member Satgana makes its 10th investment!

By 10th. July 2023July 17th, 2023No Comments

✨ ICFA 2021 Cohort Member Satgana are on a mission to use business as a force for good, by investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs building a more sustainable, fair, and regenerative future.

💸 Since their first close, they have invested into 10 companies. Check out their innovative portfolio of investments below!

⚡🔌Revivo – Addressing the challenges faced by businesses in sourcing high-quality electronic spare parts efficiently and cost-effectively
🤖♻ FULLSOON – Leveraging AI to help restaurants reduce food waste
♻🏘 Kubik, Inc. – Turning plastic waste into low carbon affordable housing for Africa
🐄👜 Arda Biomaterials – Removing the cow from the production of leather while giving a second life to brewer’s waste streams
🚲⚡ Loewi – Accelerating the transition to electric bicycles with full-stack refurbishment
🐄🧀 Fermify – Removing the cow from the production of cheese with precision fermentation
⚡📱 Rebel Tech – Extending electronics life by drastically cutting the costs of repairs
💪🍻 Yeasty – Producing a sustainable protein from beer yeast with a circular model
⚡🏍 Mazi Mobility – Powering the future of sustainable mobility in Africa with electric motorbikes
🛰💨 Orbio Earth – Helping the energy sector monitor and reduce methane leaks with AI & satellites

🔎Interested in finding out more? View the Satgana website: