Apply for support

The call for expressions of interest for the 2020 Spring cohort is now closed.

Next call for expression of interest: Q1 2021 – more details coming soon

  1. Step 1

    16 Dec 2019

    Launch of call for expressions of interest

  2. Step 2

    16 Dec to 12 Jan 2019

    Receipt of expressions of interest; 1st eligibility check

  3. Step 3

    From 20 Dec 2019

    Sending out of application toolkit and list of required docs further to a 1st conclusive eligibility check

  4. Step 4

    12 Jan 2020

    Deadline for receipt of expression of interest (Midnight CET)

  5. Step 5

    2 Feb 2020

    Draft application documents to be sent before 2 February (Midnight CET)

  6. Step 6

    10-11 Feb 2020

    All day pre-selection Workshop for all eligible applicants in Luxembourg

  7. Step 7

    1 March 2020

    Deadline for receipt of complete application files (midnight CET)

  8. Step 8

    2 March to 2 April 2020

    Completion of eligibility assessment of all received applications

  9. Step 9

    2 April 2020

    Transmission of all eligible applications to Selection Committee

  10. Step 10

    2 April - 11 May 2020

    Selection Committee operates selection process

  11. Step 11

    Around 7 May 2020

    Interviews with shortlisted applicants and final selection proposal

  12. Step 12

    Week 18 May 2020

    Validation of final selection by ICFA Board

  13. Step 13

    9 June 2020

    Communication of selected cohort of fund managers

  14. Step 14

    After 9 June 2020

    Onboarding of selected fund managers

Selection process

Express your interest to the ICFA

Fund Managers interested in applying to the ICFA Luxembourg should first carefully review the Eligibility Criteria, then complete the Expression of Interest form online. The ICFA Luxembourg team will provide all applicants with a feedback within 10 business days.

Start your application process

  • Receive the application toolkit: the ICFA team will send you the application details and conditions, as well as the list of documents required to submit your application
  • Prepare your draft application pack (application form and required documents). Once you have sent your draft application pack, you will receive comments from the ICFA team
  • Get together for trainings: all eligible applicants will be invited to a pre-selection workshop in Luxembourg, which will take place on 10-11 February 2020
  • Send your final application pack: complete your application pack with the learnings of the pre-selection workshop and the received feedback and send it to the ICFA Luxembourg team. Final application pack to be sent by 1 March 2020.

Application assessment

  • Final eligibility check: a final eligibility check will be performed by the ICFA team on your complete application file, between 2 March and 2 April 2020.
  • Selection Committee assessment: all eligible applications will be submitted to the Selection Committee for assessment and evaluation with regards to the selection criteria (between 2 April and 11 May 2020)

Announcement of winners

  • Move into the spotlight: congratulations! Successful applicants will be publicly announced in June 2020 and on-boarded as members of the ICFA Luxembourg Cohort
  • Team-up under the same roof: Cohort members will have the chance to work alongside each other at the Luxembourg House of Start-ups!
  • Launch your fund: you will have 18 months to demonstrate your full potential, benefit from the entire support of the ICFA Luxembourg and launch your fund!