Applicant Registration Form

    Please confirm that the following eligibility criteria apply to your fund team and project:

    Fund Manager *

    • The applicant is a first- or second-time fund manager (the “Applicant”).
    • The applicant intends to set up a climate investment fund (the “Fund Project”).
    • The Applicant and the Fund Project will be separate legal entities.

    Climate Finance *

    • 75% of the target portfolio will be in Climate Change Mitigation, Climate Change Adaptation, or other EU Green Taxonomy pillars.
    • ESG criteria will be included in the investment process.
    • The  ICFA exclusion policy will be applicable to 100% of the investment portfolio.

    Intention to generate a positive impact and to minimize negative impact *

    • A sustainable investment strategy, aligned with the EU Green Taxonomy, will be adopted.
    • Sustainability risks and principal adverse impacts will be identified and Do No Significant Harm will be ensured.
    • Impact management and measurement methodology and reporting will be implemented.
    • Good governance principles will be respected.

    Ready to be accelerated *

    • The Fund Project is a sound concept supported by an advanced financial model.
    • The Applicant has a well-developed pipeline for the Fund Project and proven experience in transaction closing.
    • The Applicant has a credible fundraising strategy for the Fund Project.

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