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In memory of Corinne Molitor

By 14th. August 2020September 29th, 2022No Comments

The above announcement made in common by a major NGO in Luxembourg, ADA, a newly created climate finance accelerator in the form of a public private partnership (ICFA) and Innpact, a leading private sector impact finance adviser is a testimony of what Corinne wanted to achieve: a comprehensive collaboration between the NGO sector, the public sector and the private sector for the benefit of social and environmental projects.

Her engagement in favour of impact finance dates back many years. Working at the time at the Banque de Luxembourg and leading all services provided to microfinance and sustainable funds by the bank, Corinne was the one who launched the successful Midis de la Microfinance in collaboration with ADA in 2006. To organise these events, she received the assistance of a young banker who was also eager to ensure finance was a tool to assist people at the bottom of the pyramid, Arnaud Gillin, who later established Innpact with Patrick Goodman in 2007.

Corinne has indeed very often acted as a role model, breaking new grounds to ensure social and environmental initiatives could also be financed in a sustainable way and inspiring others to follow her as she created and established so many impact finance projects. Corinne’s positive and creative energy transpired in all her actions, nothing could stop her when she decided to make something happen, be it a social event at Innpact, a public debate at a conference or a business project. Nothing could wait until tomorrow when it could be done today!

At ICFA, we are so grateful and honoured to have had her as colleague and as friend and that she helped us lead our company to new achievements with her passion and drive.

Thank you, Corinne, for your energy and your enthusiasm in making this world a better world. Your example will continue to guide us as we pursue the impact finance initiatives and businesses you set-up.

Our thoughts and prayers go to Dan, her husband, and to their three children whom Corinne was so proud of.

You are very welcome to post a public testimony about Corinne or to send us a private testimony which will only be shared with Innpact staff and Corinne’s husband and children. We will collect all the public and private testimonies and send them to Corinne’s family, as a tribute to how much Corinne contributed to the growth and the awareness of impact finance in and outside Luxembourg.

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