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Evenpar invests in South African Water Infrastructure, facilitating access to clean water.

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Zeist, 23 April 2024 – Evenpar Fund, a leading sustainable infrastructure investor, has invested
in a South African water treatment plant, processing polluted industrial water. For this
transaction, Evenpar is supported by Aqua For All, an international foundation working towards
accelerating access to clean water and good sanitation for all (SDG 6).

This Evenpar investment is part of a string of investments in wastewater recycling infrastructure
based on a partnership with a South African project developer My Water Treatment Services
(MWTS). Water scarcity remains a pressing challenge in many parts of South Africa, affecting
millions of lives and hindering socio-economic progress. The MWTS projects treat polluted
industrial, commercial, and residential effluent water so that it can be re-used as process water
or even as potable water at a later stage, thus contributing to SDG 6 and SDG 11. In light of this,
Evenpar’s collaboration with Aqua for All represents a significant stride toward transformative

“Direct investments in Sustainable Infrastructure provides risk-adjusted, stable cashflows, and
competitive returns,” said Pjotr Schade, Managing Partner of Evenpar. “Simultaneously, this
investment not only improves livelihoods but also lays the foundation for long-term prosperity
and environmental stewardship.”

The importance of private equity investments in sustainable infrastructure cannot be
overstated. Unlike traditional funding or venture capital, infrastructure equity brings a unique
blend of capital, expertise, and ownership to the table. By mobilizing private sector equity,
projects can be executed with greater efficiency, financial returns, and speed leading to
scalability whilst maximizing impact.

The partnership between Evenpar and Aqua for All exemplifies the power of collaboration in
addressing infrastructure challenges. By leveraging their combined expertise and resources, the
partnership realized the implementation of innovative financial solutions and project knowledge
that enhance water accessibility, reliability, and quality for communities in need.

“We are excited to join forces with Evenpar in our shared mission to accelerate access to safe
water and sanitation. These challenges, further intensified by the effects of climate change,
pose significant threats, especially in emerging markets”, said Josien Sluijs, Managing Director
of Aqua for All. “By leveraging our strengths, we can mobilize additional capital for impactful,
thereby driving sector transformation”.

The establishment of Evenpar has been supported by Incubator and Fund Manager Cardano
Development. Evenpar invites all investors and stakeholders to join the realization of the next
sustainable infrastructure project.

Media inquiries:
Mr Pjotr Schade – Evenpar General Partner –
Mrs Blanca Méndez – Aqua for All –
Mrs Maria-Pia Kelly – Cardano Development –

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About Evenpar (EP)

Evenpar is a spirited and entrepreneurial investment manager, driven by the challenge of making
real impact and healthy returns.

Emerging markets have an increasing water and energy demand, available feedstock and
limited technology coverage. Evenpar capitalizes on these value drivers.

Evenpar invests in sustainable infrastructure utilizing known technology and has the appetite to
invest from the early stages of infrastructure projects, focussing on durable project operations
and stable cashflows. Evenpar services the project developer with in-depth technology and
project development knowledge to realize scalable pipelines.

About Aqua for All

Aqua for All is an international foundation operating primarily in Africa and Asia. For over two
decades, we have worked towards transforming the sector into an innovative, sustainable, and
inclusive water and sanitation economy worldwide.

We believe that innovation, scalable solutions, and public and private capital are needed to
bridge the service and financial gaps to achieve SDG 6 – Water and sanitation for all.

We use grants strategically to accelerate providing sustainable access to water and sanitation to
low-income households. Our transformative approach includes market development and
facilitating access to finance. We support local service providers to scale their market-based
solutions and attract capital. In addition, we use our funds to mobilize private capital to increase
investments in water and sanitation.

About Cardano Development

Cardano Development (CD) is an incubator and fund manager, established in 2007.
Through careful risk-management analysis in data-poor settings, CD identifies scalable
solutions that help to make frontier financial markets more inclusive, investible, and
sustainable to unlock lasting economic value. CD creates solutions for local currency, credit,
and liquidity risks in these markets. CD supports its scale-up funds and a number of start-ups
with ongoing management services, financial support and corporate governance oversight.
Cardano Development works with reputable partners including foundations, governments,
impact investors, institutional investors and commercial partners.

Source: Evenpar Press Release

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