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OneNature Finance

Forest ecosystems are vital stabilizers for our global climate, but they are disappearing at an alarming rate. The main factor contributing to loss of forests and biodiversity in these areas is the conversion of forest to agricultural land. OneNature Finance aims to alter the economic drivers at play by redirecting from current practices to more sustainable alternatives.

In particular, the company will support:

  • high quality and ecologically certified agricultural, agroforestry and forest products;
  • transformative plant-based food products with low carbon footprint;
  • and the rewilding of critical ecosystems.

Through its activities, the company aims to conserve and restore important ecosystems and biodiversity.

OneNature Finance’s team has extensive consulting experience in 40+ countries across Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe. Working with actors like the UN, global NGOs and private investors, the team is among the leaders on conservation finance globally.

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