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Katapult wants to build a world in which all humans can thrive. Katapult believes that capital and business can solve the world’s grand challenges. Their impact goals are to make impact investing mainstream and to steward exponential technologies to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Katapult supports early stage impact tech startups, funds and projects, with a mission to solve the world’s most pressing problems through the use of exponential technologies. To meet their vision they lead by example and are creating a movement that others are following. Through their accelerator, Katapult Accelerator and Katapult Foundation are building the impact investing field. Katapult works with HNWI, family offices and foundation capital to catalyze impact investing by offering support and education.

They believe that the earlier in the company life-cycle this is made explicit, the greater the chance of positive impact. Active engagement and leveraging all aspects of Katapult supports their investees and cements a multi-stakeholder approach to decision making. Katapult will set the standard for how to operate at the intersection of impact and tech.

Through Katapult’s focus on Ocean, Climate and Africa, they take a holistic approach to solving society’s largest challenges. By promoting healthy oceans, a stable climate and sustainable food systems Katapult drives towards building a thriving world for all.

Katapult reached a final close on 31 Decemember 2022. Read more here.



Target Region

Europe - North


Energy Efficiency
Food and Nutrition
Smart Cities