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The Amazonian region is highly susceptible to the effects of climate change, jeopardizing food security and local economies. At the same time, less than 6% of global climate finance goes to Latin America and most of it is channeled towards large corporations or supernational institutions. The local small and medium enterprises (SMEs), who are instrumental for local sustainable economic growth show eagerness to make real change in terms of climate mitigation and adaptation. But they lack capital to invest in climate-smart projects to do so.

The Columbian team of Incofin, based in Bogotá, picked up these aspirations and it inspired the team to give SMEs in the Andean and Amazonian region access to climate finance. Incofin Columbia seeks to support organizations with sustainable business models that preserve the rain-forests, while offering economic opportunities for its inhabitants.

Incofin is a global impact investor with already 20 years of experience in impact investing, focused on financial inclusion and the agricultural sector. Incofin hopes to expand its new climate focus to other parts of the world.

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