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Enabling Qapital

Enabling Qapital has partnered with development finance institutions, foundations, family offices and pension funds to support clean and modern cooking energy solutions in developing markets. EQ will work with scalable growth-stage companies that manufacture, distribute, and finance life-improving biomass, biogas, ethanol, electric, and LPG-based cooking appliances and fuels to low-income consumers in sub-Saharan Africa. Clean and modern energy solutions for cooking have a range of individual and societal benefits including improved respiratory health, reduced time poverty for women and greater gender equality, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation, industrial and economic development, and poverty reduction. Enabling Qapital is a Switzerland-based impact investment advisor and works closely with its technical assistance partner Stichting Modern Cooking, and their joint initiative is promoted by the United Nations Foundation’s Clean Cooking Alliance.



Target Region

Africa - Central
Africa - East
Africa - South
Africa - West


Energy Generation
Consumer Goods
Micro Finance
Smart Cities