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Catalyst Private Equity

Catalyst Investment Management is an influential fund manager driving transformative change in the MENA region with attractive investor returns. The MENA region stands at the forefront of climate change, projected to face severe impacts from the climate crisis and continued migration and refugee challenges. The region will encounter negative consequences, including rising temperatures, depleting resources, desertification, and extreme weather events.

Catalyst has been investing in this market since 2007, and has proven itself through realization of multiple exits, and performance in the top decile compared to global emerging market peers. Catalyst is the first MENA region fund manager specializing in climate infrastructure and was one of the first sponsors of a solar PV IPP project in the region.

Renewable energy in MENA is projected to grow from less than 4% of the energy mix to over 35% in the next 15 years. Additionally, over 50% of global water desalination capacity is in the MENA region, with now the lower/mid income countries requiring water treatment to address their water scarcity issues. Furthermore there is a convergence between water treatment and renewables, with over 50% of desalination costs being the cost of energy. Finally, as Governments are balancing budgets, subsidies on fossile fuels are being removed, providing more opportunity for renewable energy and energy efficiency.

As a result, Catalyst aims to create impact in multiple areas:

1. Gender: Catalyst mobilizes investments that address the 2X Challenge and SDG 5 through implementing investment strategies that empower women and promote gender equality, particularly in the energy sector.

2. Water Security: Catalyst also advances SDG 6, through allocating capital in solar-driven water treatment solutions and access to clean water. This combats water scarcity and benefits local communities in a region threatened by water scarcity.

3. Clean Energy: Aligned with SDG 7, Catalyst deploys funds focused on accelerating the shift to renewable energy and providing reliable and affordable clean energy.

4. Sustainable Infrastructure: Catalyst focuses on SDG 9, supporting climate infrastructure projects for renewable energy grid integration and energy storage.

5. Climate Action: Catalyst develops a pipeline with climate mitigation and adaptation strategies and considers climate action across the MENA region as the core of its investment strategy (SDG 13). It manages financial allocations to drive renewable energy deployment, promotes energy efficiency, and supports climate adaptation.



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