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Africa’s energy intensity is more than 40% higher than that of the world’s average. This will only increase as Africa builds its industrial capacity. Energy efficiency measures can help African countries reduce their reliance on expensive and polluting power generation. At Camco, we’ve been designing an energy efficiency solution targeted specifically for Africa.

We focus specifically for energy efficiency interventions on the continent and seek to overcome the main challenges to energy efficiency in the region. We will facilitate the execution of energy efficiency interventions primarily by supporting Energy Service Companies (ESCO) in the commercial and industrial space. The ESCOs will selectively upgrade the energy efficiency of customers with upgrading insulation, lighting, and industrial machinery such as compressed air systems, or implementing energy efficient processes amongst other things. Energy efficiency has the benefit of being cheap resource to exploit and has been proven to be reliable.



Target Region

Africa - East
Africa - South
Africa - West


Energy Generation
Smart Cities
Social Infrastructure