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Annycent Capital

Annycent believes that emerging markets offer the most sustainable and inclusive growth opportunities for the coming decades. Annycent is an alternative investment management firm supporting utility-scale renewable energy projects, notably solar, hydro and wind power plants, in select emerging markets. They will deploy an innovative strategy to catalyze sector growth, and achieve measured, positive, environmental and social impact that contributes to climate change mitigation in alignment with the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement.

Annycent is a market facilitator designed to fill a market gap and accelerate redeployment of capital. Through investments primarily in operational assets, Annycent aims to fill a financing gap between developers selling smaller scale (25 MW – 200 MW) operational renewable energy projects and international asset owners looking to acquire larger portfolios. By creating a secondaries market of renewable energy assets, Annycent will unclog a stalled project development market, providing liquidity to Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) to reinvest in new project developments and free bandwidth for project developers to accelerate the development of new projects.

Annycent’s unique, competitive advantage lies in its deep market experience, notably:

• Knowledge of the local frontier and developing markets since 2008, facilitating the identification of the best opportunities in terms of risk and reward;

• Close, long-standing relationships with the top asset developers in the market, who operate to international market standards; and through them access to top greenfield and operating assets on the market;

• Deep knowledge of the small to medium size assets already in its pipeline; and

• Ability to diligence new assets of this size in our target markets efficiently.



Target Region

Africa - East
Africa - North
Asia - Middle East
Asia - South East


Energy Generation
Energy Access

EU Taxonomy

Climate Change Mitigation