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ICFA – Call for Selection Committee Members

By 7th. July 2023July 13th, 2023No Comments

Join the ICFA Selection Committee: Drive Climate Finance and Shape the Future!

Are you passionate about sustainable finance and climate action? Do you possess a wealth of expertise in the field of climate finance, investment strategies, and fund selection? The International Climate Finance Accelerator (ICFA) is inviting individuals with a proven track record and extensive experience to come forward and join our Selection Committee.

As a member of the ICFA Selection Committee, you will play a crucial role in shaping the future of climate finance by identifying and supporting fund managers who are dedicated to tackling the climate crisis. Your expertise and insights will contribute to the rigorous evaluation and selection process, ensuring that only the most innovative and impactful fund managers are chosen for our program.

Joining the ICFA Selection Committee offers you the opportunity to collaborate with renowned experts and thought leaders in the field. Together, we can drive sustainable finance, empower fund managers, and make a tangible difference in the global fight against climate change.

If you are passionate about sustainable finance and possess a deep understanding of climate finance, investment strategies, and sustainable development, we invite you to step forward and join the ICFA Selection Committee.

📝 Express your interest by clicking here before 30 September 2023.