2019 Spring Cohort

Add-Value is a fund management firm based in San José, Costa Rica, whose main activity is to structure and manage the Small Farmers Climate Adaptation Fund (SMAF). The SMAF will develop and deliver climate adaptation solutions aimed at increasing small farmers resilience to climate change, and at the same time improve their productivity, income generation capacity, and living conditions. The SMAF will work through a group of rural financial organization in seven Latin American countries with a combination of financial support and technical assistance.

Africa’s energy intensity is more than 40% higher than that of the world’s average. This will only increase as Africa builds its industrial capacity. Energy Efficiency measures can help African countries reduce their reliance on expensive and polluting power generation. At Camco we’ve been designing an Energy Efficiency Fund targeted specifically for Africa.

This would be the first ever investment vehicle focused specifically for EE interventions on the continent and it has been designed to overcome the main challenges to energy efficiency in the region. The fund will facilitate the execution of EE interventions primarily by supporting Energy Service Companies (ESCO) in the commercial and industrial space. The ESCOs will selectively upgrade the energy efficiency of customers with upgrading insulation, lighting, and industrial machinery such as compressed air systems, or implementing energy efficient processes amongst other things. Energy efficiency has the benefit of being cheap resource to exploit and has been known to generate high returns. As such we expect the concept to be well received as the benefits can directly be traced onto a P&L.

The Terra Bella Colombia Fund is a one-of-a-kind investment fund in Colombia, run by two women partners with 50 years combined experience on Wall Street and in rural development, where they have worked in more than 28 countries establishing themselves as global leaders in developing sustainable agricultural, forestry and land-use emission reduction programs.  The Fund has a unique focus of investing directly in the production-end of smallholder agricultural value chains in Colombia, to create substantial income growth through investing in smallholder groups that grow crops in and around forest areas, to increase yields and improve post-harvest processing which allows them to capture more of the value chain. The Fund jointly finances scaling sustainable production of crops and forest management to reduce deforestation producing a second income stream of carbon credits that are sellable into Colombia’s new carbon market offering new return opportunities for investors and communities.

SPARK+ Africa Fund is an impact investment fund being formed by SIMA, an experienced fund manager and the Clean Cooking Alliance, a global sector-builder that aims to create a sustainable market, at scale, for cleaner, more efficient cooking solutions in Africa. The USD 50 million fund will invest debt and self-liquidating quasi-equity in companies throughout the value chain that design and manufacture biomass, LPG, ethanol, biogas, and electric cooking solutions. The fund will also invest in distributors and consumer finance providers such as off-grid solar companies and microfinance institutions. Spark+ Africa Fund will focus on markets in East and West Africa and will be supported by a Technical Assistance facility to build the pipeline and support companies post-investment.

Ambassador of the 2019 Spring Cohort

The aim of Dao Foods International, Inc. is to help entrepreneurs introduce exciting new plant-based meat products in China to reduce the consumer demand for animal agriculture.  China is the largest consumer market in the world with rapidly rising incomes and increasing meat consumption, which if left unaddressed will lead to growing negative environmental, food safety and health impact. In economic terms, there is not enough arable land in China to support the growing need for meat, so alternative sources of protein for the growing middle class will undoubtedly be a growth market.  Through its Dao Foods Venture Fund I, Dao Foods believes that providing capital and supporting talented entrepreneurs who are targeting the 400m millennials in China with new, exciting, and delicious plant-based and clean meat products is a huge business opportunity with massive social impact.