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VAI Capital is an investment advisory and fund management company whose mission is to scale deployment of low-carbon road transport solutions globally.

There is growing pressure to adopt low emission transport solutions, and electrification of road transport is a top priority of policy makers globally. However, EV adoption at scale is faced with two main barriers: the high upfront costs of vehicles and infrastructure, and the lack of quick and reliable charging solutions.

Our activities will address these barriers and in doing so unlock a global market. The company assist in the development of infrastructure projects that provide commercial fleets with vehicles and fast-charging infrastructure, as-a-service. The company will operate primarily in OECD countries, with a secondary focus on Southern and Sub-Saharan Africa.

The partners bring over 50 years combined experience in electric vehicle and renewable energy technology, project development, and fund management. VAI Capital’s ultimate aim is to create a compelling impact – reduce premature deaths from air pollution and accelerate the fight against climate change.



Target Region

Europe - West
Europe - North
Europe - South


Green Buildings
Energy Generation